GOHI Projects

GOHI is a multi-part project designed to educate Ohioans and raise awareness about LGBT citizens and our place in the fabric of our state. Some of the projects GOHI has established include:

Collections: GOHI has been working to establish an archive of LGBT- related collections and is continuously adding items. You can view a portion of the GOHI collection on Ohio Memory.

Historical Markers: We are seeking public input to identify the people, places, events and organizations important to the history of Ohio’s LGBT community so that our history across Ohio can be commemorated with permanent historical markers. Visit Remarkable Ohio to view the Natalie Clifford Barney marker in Dayton, OH.

Informative Banners: Two sets of banners have been created to celebrate LGBT Ohioans and gay rights activism within the state and to educate both LGBT and straight Ohioans. These traveling banners can be seen at the various festivals and events that GOHI attends around the state.

  • “Pride of Ohio” is a set of three banners that showcase eighteen LGBT Ohioans. These banners illustrate the contributions, achievements, and accomplishments made by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Ohioans.
  • “A Brief History” traces the emergence and evolution of LGBT pride parades in Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo. These banners provide a timeline as well as information about attendance and speakers. The banners also illustrate how these parades impacted and were impacted by local and national events.